About Us

The Byrne Out Cancer Foundation was created by Colleen Byrne, in memory of her father, Thomas G Byrne, a 30 year career firefighter for the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department, who lost his battle with occupational cancer in 2017. Tom was a great advocate for his brothers and sisters on the fire department, always making sure they had the right training and equipment to do their jobs safely, and go home at the end of their shift. As the incidence of cancers in the fire department has increased over the past decade, Tom studied their causes and how to best protect against them. One of these measures is to decontaminate gear with the use of a special washing machine called an extractor. Many fire departments across the United States do not have the means to purchase these extractors. The Byrne Out Cancer Foundation hopes to help provide this potentially life saving equipment for every fire station across America.

Our Mission

Helping to save those who save us.